School Websites

DataBiz Surf is a user-friendly system that…

  • Enables schools to publish their own content directly to the Internet.
  • Automatically handles images, file downloads and video attachments for the user.
  • Includes an editable Calendar of events, with customisable categories.
  • Includes a Gallery, with automatic image resizing, thumbnail creation, and captioning. Also enables the creation and editing of an image carousel for the user's home page.
  • Enables users to change and add their own users and access details.
  • Enables users to input and change their own search engine keywords, for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Is fully customisable by the individual school:
    • News items can be segregated into different News Streams (eg. First Class News, Second Class News).
    • News Streams can be assigned to individual editors, with seperate passwords to enable access to just the news items in that stream, enabling class teachers (or students) to upload their own class' news.
    • News items can also be tagged by subject (eg. Sport)
    • Static information ('About Us', 'Where We Are', etc) can be published as web pages, and included in menus of your choosing.
    • Web pages can be given a hierarchical structure, for easy sorting and access to information by the end-viewer (eg. 'Bullying Policy' as a sub page of the parent page 'School Policies').
    • News Items and web pages can each be given a layout of their own, selectable from a choice of built-in templates.


There is no limit to the size of your website.

DataBiz Solutions provides installation and training.

Payment can be made in 1 - 2 annual instalments.

An optional support package is available after the first year, that can also cover third-party hosting and domain registration costs.