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A user-friendly system for primary schools that…

  • Stores each pupil’s name and contact details, date of birth, start date, finish date, sibling & guardian details, medical details etc.
  • Generates mailing labels, class lists etc.
  • Automatically generates the October return
  • Records and analyses standardised test scores
  • Generates end-of-year reports (a choice of 9 templates that can be printed in English or Irish)
  • Contains a school email module
  • Stores details of early intervention, learning support and resource
  • Enables teachers\support staff to easily record pupils’ attendance
  • Calculates attendance totals and percentages (daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly)
  • Generates reports on high absentees and the reasons for their absences as required by the NEWB
  • Generates letters for corresponding with parents / guardians re high absenteeism
  • Generates reports identifying pupils with perfect attendance (monthly and yearly)
  • Records incidences of pupils' misbehaviour
  • Stores names and contact details of pupils on the "enrolment waiting list"
  • Stores names and contact details of both the teaching staff and ancillary members of staff
  • Prints reports in English or Irish (all reports may be saved as PDFs for archiving / emailing)

The cost of this system is dependent on the number of pupils enrolled.

All schools interested in this system are entitled to a FREE 60-day trial.

If purchasing the software, payment can be made in 1 - 4 annual instalments.

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