DataBiz Library

A user-friendly system that…

  • Stores details on all library resources (books, CDs, videos etc)
  • Automatically creates a unique barcode for every resource thus enabling all resources to be checked in and out using a barcode scanner
  • Automatically generates a range of reports including:
    • Lists of all the resources in the library
    • Lists of resources that are on loan or overdue
    • Borrowing histories
    • Lists of the most popular and least popular resources
    • Statistical analysis of all the library resource

Different versions of the DataBiz Library are currently being used in Primary Schools, Second-Level Schools, Teacher Education Centres, Adult Literacy Centres as well as some private enterprises not linked to the educational sector.

DataBiz Solutions supplies Barcode Scanners.

DataBiz Solutions provides installation and training.

Payment can be made in 1 - 5 annual instalments.