DataBiz Book Rental

A user-friendly system for administering book rental schemes in primary and second-level schools.  This system…

  • Stores details on all book rental resources (books, CDs, videos etc)
  • If required, the COST, the estimated CURRENT VALUE and PURCHASE DATE of each copy of each resource may be recorded.
  • Automatically creates a unique barcode for every resource thus enabling all resources to be checked in and out using a barcode scanner
  • Records contributions received from pupils.  Receipts for these contributions are automatically produced.
  • Automatically generates a range of reports including:
    • Lists of all the resources
    • Lists of resources that are on loan or overdue
    • Financial breakdown and age analysis of the book rental stock
    • Analysis of both paid contributions and outstanding contributions
    • Statistical analysis of the resources

DataBiz Solutions supplies Barcode Scanners.

DataBiz Solutions provides installation and training.

Payment can be made in 1 - 5 annual instalments.