Your email address and/or contact number will have been registered with DataBiz Solutions by your School in preparation for setting up your account.

Please request a Password by clicking on 'Sign Up', and provide your email address and contact number. If either are recognised, a password will be emailed to you (you can change that password to something more memorable later).

My email / contact number is not recognised

Make sure that the contact details you are providing are the same as those you originally provided to your School. Check with your School to see what details they have on record for you - you may have changed your email address recently, for example.

My email address and Password are correct, but I can't log in
In almost every case, this is due to one of two factors:
  • You are trying to login from a place of work, where a security firewall is preventing your login details from being submitted.
  • You are trying to login using an older device, or an out-of-date browser. In the case of the latter, please note that we will not be extending support to such software in the future. You can (and should!) update your browser as soon as possible.
I never provided my School with my email address or mobile number
Your School's secretary / administrator will be able to take your contact details and add you as a user, at which point you can use our login form to request a password.
I never received my email

While we receive the contact details for all Guardians recorded by your School for each child, by default we only initially send emails to those signified as a child's primary contact person. Remaining guardians can be included by making a request to your School secretary.

If you are still not receiving any emails from our system, try the following steps:

  1. Check your Spam / Trash folder - if the emails are there, make sure to mark them as 'not spam' to avoid the same happening in the future.
  2. Check the spam settings for your email client (e.g. Outlook, GMail, etc.). Make sure that emails it thinks are spam are not automatically deleted!
  3. Check that the email address you use to log in is correctly spelled.

While we can ensure that emails are sent successfully, the receiving of emails is outside of our control. If all else has failed, your School secretary can manually assign a password for you.

I've forgotten my Password
That's not a problem - just use our login form to request a new one.
Who else knows my Password?
No one. Your password is stored in a one-way encrypted format, so even DataBiz Solutions employees cannot know what it is. So, if you forget your password, just request a new one.
How can I change my Password?
Once you log in, click on the 'User' link (top right of your screen) to update your password.
Can I change my email?
Once you log in, click on the 'User' link (link in the menu at the top of your screen) to update your email address.
What is my contact information used for?

DataBiz Solutions has only two purposes for your contact information:

  • To match you with your User Account.
  • To allow your School to contact you with appropriate email or SMS notifications.
We do not use your information for any form of advertising, and we do not share your information. Your details and those of your family members are only available to us, your School, and you.
Who can see my family's information?
  1. You, and any other persons identified by your School as Guardians for your children.
  2. Your School's staff members, should the School administrators have given them access and permission.
  3. Appropriate DataBiz Solutions employees.

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